People come to Singapore to exchange knowledge and to exchange publishing rights

Interview with Claudia Kaiser, Frankfurt Book Fair & Andrea Pasion-Flores, Anvil Publishing (Manila)

Andrea Pasion-FloresClaudia KaiserIncluding such nations as Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, Southeast Asia is a dynamic region of expanding economies and growing young populations. Smartphone proliferation has whetted appetites for media of all flavors, including book publishing.

In Singapore, November 13 and 14the StoryDrive Asia conference unites established players from the book, games and film worlds with innovators and entrepreneurs from across SouthEast Asia. According to Claudia Kaiser, a Vice President with the Frankfurt Book Fair and developer of the StoryDrive Asia program, the conference offers insights on trends in the media industry as well as training in building a business plan. StoryDrive Asia will focus on topics like copyright, licensing, production, and sales, as well as rights trading and new technologies, she explained for CCC’s Chris Kenneally.

A city-state at the center of SouthEast Asia, Singapore makes the obvious destination for such a collaborative effort “People come to Singapore to network and exchange knowledge and to exchange publishing rights,” Kaiser said. “It’s a perfect hub for the publishing industry and also the educational industry.”

Added Andrea Pasion-Flores of Manila-based Anvil Publishing, “SouthEast Asia is a large, diverse and underserved market. We want to meet more people within the region to find ways to expand our businesses in the many markets within the ten-member countries of the ASEAN.”

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