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A regular Friday feature of CCC’s podcast series, “The Publishing Week Ahead With Publishers Weekly” previews the news that publishers, editors, authors, agents and librarians will be talking about when they return to work on Monday. CCC’s Chris Kenneally checks in with Andrew Albanese, PW’s Features Editor, as well as a range of PW writers, experts and editors.

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Riggio Portfolio Shrinks

He may have bookselling in his blood, but Len Riggio, founder of the Barnes & Noble bookstore chain, now has a lot less of it in his stock portfolio. “This week, we learned that Riggio had sold 3.7 million shares of B&N stock, dropping his stake in the company to about 20 percent,” reports Andrew Albanese, Publishers […]

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Getting Over The Book

When was the last time you heard that print is dead? Probably it’s been a while. As it turns out, print and digital will co-habit in the book business for some time yet to come. Indeed, earlier this week, a BBC reporter told an important gathering of book publishers something potentially even more alarming: It’s […]

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Millions Of Reasons To Like Apple Case Ruling

E-book readers may soon have 500 million reasons to like a pair of rulings in Judge Denise Cote’s Manhattan federal courtroom this week. The only question is, “how soon?” Moving to the “damages” phase of Apple’s e-book price-fixing case, Judge Cote granted class action status in the state and consumer cases, while she rejected allowing […]

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New Battlefront for Ebooks Case?

In a federal courtroom this week, Judge Denise Cote took on a potential new front in the ongoing e-book antitrust battle. Once again, the claim is e-book price-fixing, though this time the plaintiffs are e-book retailers who say their businesses suffered when Apple and several major publishers sought to lock out price competition. “Both the publishers […]

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A Settlement For Google & Viacom

How many people watch SpongeBob SquarePants every week? The answer depends on the definition of “watch.” SpongeBob is just one of many television programs owned by or under license with Viacom, a global media conglomerate. The popularity of its characters is measured today not only by Nielsen ratings, but also by YouTube views – and thereby hangs […]

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Libraries Reach Far And Wide

Some 9000 public libraries and branches dot the American landscape, and librarians working there touch the minds and hearts of millions of citizens. From Indianapolis, where the biennial conference of the Public Library Association is underway, spirits are high, says Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. As Albanese tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally, the tone at PLA is both lofty and lighthearted […]

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Booksellers Say No To Amazon

Technology company sparks controversy in publishing world. It’s a common enough headline for the trades, but this time, the company is Amazon (not the one you first thought, perhaps!) and the dust-up centers on a popular book fair. “Indie booksellers are up in arms after the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books unveiled its online list of […]

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Apple Looking To Buy Time In E-Book Case

In a federal courtroom in Manhattan, attorneys for Apple in its e-book price-fixing case are offering up lessons in creative legal maneuvering. This week, for example, Apple argued that Judge Denise Cote – who ruled last July that the computer giant had colluded with major publishers —  does not have jurisdiction over its damages trial. […]

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Authors Take Publishing Gold?

Self-publishing – at least in its digital form – no longer carries a stigma. Indeed, for Amanda Hocking and Hugh Howey, among many others, self-publishing has paved a path to profit and celebrity. But a smoldering debate on just how much authors really stand to gain when they light out for the self-publishing territory has […]

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Consumer Protection For E-Books?

Statewide consumer protection legislation that guarantees availability of e-books in public libraries. If that sounds like a good idea, there’s a catch: any such laws would likely run afoul of national copyright regulation. And it all comes down to digital. Charged with ensuring a fair marketplace, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection this week issued a 21-page […]

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