Michael HealyIn his globe-trotting role as Executive Director, International Relations, for Copyright Clearance Center, Michael Healy sees close up the contribution copyright makes to the global creative economy. He also sees much that concerns him about copyright’s prospects today, and in the years ahead.

In a series of recent remarks to audiences of authors, publishers and technologists, Michael Healy has admitted that his message on copyright may seem a downbeat one – though he assures us that there are positive signs, if you know where to look.

As Healy told Publishing Perspectives’ Rights and Content in the Digital Age conference earlier this month, Canada’s adoption of exceptions to copyright regulations for educational purposes has reduced licensing revenue there from several million dollars a year to “almost zero,” in Healy’s words.

For copyright to survive in the 21st century, Healy asserts, there must be “re-invention.  Standing still isn’t an option… It’s a time of experimentation.”

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