Alejandra Matus Acuña“Digital Creativity: Reinventing Culture” is the motto of WIPO’s World IP Day celebrated on April 26. Chilean author and journalist Alejandra Matus Acuña sees a “the digital paradox” in the opportunity for creators to disseminate their work widely with the challenge of the “digital culture of free”. What must be done, Matus Acuña says, is reconcile the two cultures: on one hand, respect for copyright and creators, and on the other hand, the broader dissemination possible of knowledge.

Speaking [in Spanish] with CCC’s Victoriano Colodrón from Santiago de Chile, Matus Acuña refers as well to collective licenses as a mechanism to find a balance between access and respect, and to the efforts in that regard of the organization she chairs in Chile, the Sociedad de Derechos de las Letras, SADEL.

Alejandra Matus Acuña is a prestigious Chilean journalist with a degree from Universidad Católica and a masters degree in public administration from Harvard Kennedy School. Her work has been granted national and international awards and has been included in journalism anthologies. Currently she is a professor at the Facultad de Comunicación y Letras of the Universidad Diego Portales, and writes for the Paula magazine. In addition, Alejandra Matus is the author of several non-fiction books, among which El libro negro de la justicia chilena, Injusticia duradera and Doña Lucía. Her first novel, La Señora, was published in 2015.

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