Karen HawkinsRob JohnsonEllen CollinsRobert Kiley

Since earlier this year, influential research funders have mandated “open access” publishing practices that are sparking dramatic re-tooling of longstanding business models. When “authors pay,” what should publishers expect to face?

At the Frankfurt Book Fair today, Copyright Clearance Center presented a frank discussion on the “OA” challenge with Robert Kiley of the Wellcome Trust and a panel of leading publishers and analysts. Joining him and CCC’s Chris Kenneally were Ellen Collins of the Research Information Network; Rob Johnson of Research Consulting, and most recently with the University of Nottingham; and Karen Hawkins of IEEE, publisher of many of the world’s leading journals on technology and technical knowledge.

As scholarly and scientific publishers test new business models, the focus particularly is on collection of Article Processing Charges (APCs). Funders require compliance with mandates; authors look for a complete and rewarding user experience; and publishers want efficiency and flexibility. The pace of transformation is accelerating and demand for innovative solutions is mounting. Learn more about Copyright Clearance Center’s RightsLink for Open Access solution.

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