Jonathan KanterAt Digital Book World 2016 last week, antitrust attorney Jonathan Kanter laid out the basic principles of anti-trust law and how it might apply to the large tech companies that dominate the paths to sales and to marketing of books.

Among other issues, Kanter addressed the thorny question of what is actually “practical” where it comes to Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, as well as how things could get worse for the content industries if there are no controls. In a open question and answer session with DBW attendees, moderated by CCC’s Chris Kenneally, he also explored how government agencies could possibly use enforcement action or regulation.

At Washington, DC-based Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, Jonathan Kanter is co-head of the firm’s technology group. He represents both tech companies and content providers. Jonathan’s practice encompasses the full range of antitrust matters including mergers, joint ventures, and civil non-merger investigations. Leading industry publications regularly rank Jonathan among the nation’s top antitrust lawyers. Law360 honored Jonathan as one of the top five antitrust lawyers under the age of 40; and The Washingtonian and Super Lawyers list Jonathan as one of the “best lawyers” in Washington, D.C.

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