Big BenIn a discussion on new directions in publishing technology for CCC’s RightsLink Forum, a panel of experts observed that “the machine is the new reader” and they considered the implications for their businesses.

“We’re seeing the dawn of the age [when] people really like to… see a machine do the thinking for them,” noted Gerry Grenier, Senior Director, Publishing Technologies at IEEE, Inc., and chair of STM’s Future Lab. “This is about breaking down text into their parts of speech, and then being able to discern themes, and being able to fingerprint articles,” he explains. “We don’t need to spend time to actually read that article.  We can have a machine summarize it for us and give us some insight into the deeper meaning of it.”

Joining the discussion recorded at the British Medical Association’s historic London headquarters were Ed Pentz, CEO of CrossRef, an association of scholarly publishers that develops shared infrastructure to support more effective scholarly communications, and Roy Kaufman, Managing Director, New Ventures, for the non-profit Copyright Clearance Center.

Tech Panel

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