In May, Copyright Clearance Center acquired UK-based Ixxus to help harness the power of content and licensing. Together, CCC and Ixxus are now working with publishers to develop a “content-fi­rst” strategy that combines advanced semantic enrichment, a “single source of truth” content repository, and other exciting tools, says CCC CEO Tracey Armstrong, who spoke about the implications for a special audience at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair.

Tracey Armstrong and Chris Kenneally at Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

For well over a decade now, the talk at every book fair and trade show is about digital transformation.  Yet it’s becoming apparent that simply migrating to digital is not enough.  The focus for publishers is on growth and sustainability.  The importance of initiatives such as new product development, channel expansion, and customer acquisition and retention are of increasing importance.

“What we would like to do together – the combined team of CCC and Ixxus – is help publishers and clients reach conceptual clarity as to their entire landscape,” she explains.

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