BTB #137: Google Book Case: Wasoff Reviews Amended Settlement

Lois WasoffResponding to concerns voiced by authors, publishers and the U.S. Department of Justice, the parties in the Google Book Search Copyright Class Action filed a revised settlement proposal on November 13, 2009.

On December 10, Lois Wasoff returned to Copyright Clearance Center to explain in detail the most noteworthy changes, and to assess their potential impact on rightsholders and their works. The one-hour interview with Chris Kenneally covered the Scope of Works Covered; Treatment of Unclaimed Works; Rightsholder Representation Within the Book Rights Registry; Economic Terms and Additional Revenue Models; Changes to Address Public Policy Concerns; and the Revised Timeline for Court Action.

A highly-regarded intellectual property attorney, Wasoff also called out the new deadlines for action by rightsholders who may or may not choose to participate in the settlement.

Podcasts of all previous CCC webinars with Lois Wasoff and Beyond the Book’s Chris Kenneally are available on, including complete transcripts.

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