Susan WolperIn a world of content and data overload, everyone could use some advice in information management.  Corporate and academic librarians feel the pain and the burden most.  The content challenges they face daily range from difficult decisions on acquisition to the dilemma of delivery – ensuring that content users get what they need when they need it and at a price they can afford.

For an expert look at the content industry from the consumption side, CCC’s Chris Kenneally spoke with Susan Wolper, President and CEO of Wolper Information Services, a leading provider of information management solutions for serials, books and much more. In her experience, Wolper has found that publishers benefit when the measurement of content usage is qualitative as much as quantitative.

“The bottom line is for intermediaries like Wolper and publishers to work together to bring the greatest value to the end-user and the acquirer of the content,” Wolper notes. “The subscription management company has a view of the use of the content that, in some respects, the publisher doesn’t have access to. On the user side, the tools we have can range from gathering usage statistics to measure and evaluate the products that they’re using, to assisting with tools that will help discover and utilize the content that they’re investing in.”

Wolper LogoSue Wolper has led Wolper Information Services, as President and CEO, for more than two decades. She was named a 2013 national champion of diversity by  Wolper is a member of the Special Libraries Association, American Library Association, Medical Library Association and serves on the executive committee of the International Association of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries.

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