Susan KesnerAmy BrandIn the world of scholarly research and publishing, a name – and the reputation that follows – can mean everything. But in the Digital Age, always getting the names right today – and for the future – has proven elusive.

Like a family carefully managing its genealogy, the ORCID Initiative is a community effort to solve the author/contributor name ambiguity problem in scholarly communications by creating a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers.

Ahead of ORCID’s next Participant Meeting on Wednesday, May 18 at Harvard University, Beyond the Book special guest host Susan Kesner spoke with Amy Brand, Assistant Provost for Faculty Appointments at Harvard University, and a member of the ORCID Initiative’s Board of Directors.

As Brand explained,ORCID’s vision is that through establishment of an industry de facto standard for name attribution, the scholarly community will enhance the scientific discovery process, and improve the efficiency of funding and collaboration.

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