Frankfurt is the birthplace of book fairs, and of sturm und drang –  or at least, it is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, born in Frankfurt in 1749. Goethe embodied German Romanticism, which enobled sturm und drang – storm and stress – as the iron-hard forge of human character.

In 2014, sturm und drang continues to build character in the men and women of scholarly and scientific publishing around the globe. We live in an age of changing business models and realigning roles. As governments and funders mandate open access to published research, we can feel the ground shift beneath our feet, and we wonder, “Who holds the power?”

Around the time Goethe began to write, a revolution began brewing in Boston, the home base of Copyright Clearance Center. To debate and to deliberate, the citizens of New England gathered in town meetings, just as they continue to do today. For this Frankfurt Book Fair Town Meeting, CCC’s panel gathered to debate and deliberate this question: Open Access—Who Holds The Power?

Open Access: Who Holds the Power? Panel

Participants included:

  • Carrie Calder, Nature Publishing Group
  • Xiaoying Chu, The Charlesworth Group
  • Frederick Fenter, Ph.D., Frontiers
  • Jennifer Goodrich, Copyright Clearance Center
  • Arend Küster, QScience
  • Brandon Nordin, American Chemical Society
  • Ralf Schimmer, Max Planck Digital Library
  • Dr. Niels Peter Thomas, Springer
  • Natasha White, John Wiley & Sons
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