Barnes & Noble Struggles

If it’s a surprise to you that the retail print book business is struggling, then you should read this week’s New Republic. Writer Alex Shepherd reports there his discovery that Barnes & Noble is operating at a loss. Should this trend continue, he warns, the outcome would be catastrophic for readers. Of course, book lovers […]

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Publishers Find Doing Good Also Pays

“Making Information Pay” is an annual occasion for the Book Industry Study Group to explore the latest issues in publishing, and for attendees to learn how the latest technologies can drive success. For 2016, the program looked beyond “Making a Profit” to address the challenge of “Making a Difference.” The publishing and book selling industry […]

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Librarians Bring Orlando Support

Libraries provide a welcoming space for the public to explore the world’s knowledge or to enjoy the uplifting distractions of a good book. Librarians who offer such a welcome are also ready to stand for principle when the moment calls for it. On a week of disheartening news from Orlando, the impending arrival there of […]

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2016 Wiley Society Membership Survey

For their membership, scholarly societies deliver many benefits and serve many needs. Customer perception of how well an organization performs directly impacts service costs and the success of the society’s mission. The latest business intelligence is essential in order to retain and engage existing members – and attract new ones. Earlier this year, 13,000 researchers, […]

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Global Lessons In Polish Multimedia Publishing

The rise of mobile media devices – smartphones and tablets – presents a  fascinating, perplexing challenge. The digitization of media transports the book  from the printed page to a screen — placing it adjacent to every and all other media. How well the book can get along with its new neighbors is an important question. […]

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Sleepy E-Books Sales Over “Digital Fatigue”

What entertainment medium can possibly resist the online, digital tidal wave? The hope that books may stand where others have fallen lies in declining e-book sales; yet publishers are left pondering what is the underlying cause. This week, a respected industry analyst has put forth a theory that goes beyond the obvious suspects of pricing […]

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Time to Audit Your Journal Program

If you’re a society publisher, have you ever heard yourself say?… “We need an increasing number of staff to keep the journal going.” “We have a new editor and his expectations are completely unreasonable.” “Our journal is losing money for us.” “I’m not sure if we are operating with industry best practice.” Then, it could […]

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Making Learning Mobile

When students return to campus this fall, chances are good they won’t bring a laptop to class but instead will carry a smartphone. Students and faculty alike are looking to the ubiquitous handhelds to enhance learning. Educator and editor Michael Greer says if we are ever going to make learning mobile, we must first rethink […]

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Librarians Fight the Battle of the Budget

Whether on a campus or at the center of a community, a library always has one foot planted in the past with the other stepping toward the future. Libraries collect and share humanity’s most celebrated authors and thinkers from across the millennia, even as they search out new works and yet unknown voices. A librarian’s […]

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Best of BTB: The Good, The Bad & The Monopoly

At Digital Book World 2016 in March, antitrust attorney Jonathan Kanter laid out the basic principles of anti-trust law and how it might apply to the large tech companies that dominate the paths to sales and to marketing of books. Among other issues, Kanter addressed the thorny question of what is actually “practical” where it […]

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