Books from Boxes?

Where will we find the next generation of book bestsellers? In 2015, readers and booksellers were delighted by discoveries of half-century old manuscripts that yielded Go Set A Watchman, a novel from the reclusive Harper Lee, and What Pet Should I Get?, by the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss. The bestseller lists for 2015 also included Grey, […]

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Boundless Opens Up Textbooks

When it comes to technology on campus or in schools, there are really only two things to know – you’re either lucky to be inside the classroom or you’re on the outside praying to find a way in. Software, databases, and media technologies are every bit a part of the instructional kit today as books […]

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National Book Award Winners Include Johnson, Coates

Johnson, Coates, Lewis, and Shusterman. You’re forgiven for mistaking them as a white-shoe law firm representing authors or publishers in yet another high-stake copyright infringement case. Indeed, novelist Adam Johnson, journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates, poet Robin Coste Lewis and young adult author Neal Shusterman are all winners for 2015 of the National Book Awards. “I’ve mentioned […]

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A New High-Water Mark on Transformative Use — Update on the Google Books Case

In his written opinion affirming an earlier find that Google’s book scanning project was “fair use” under U.S. copyright law, Judge Pierre Laval did more – and also less – than hand the search engine giant a win in court, notes attorney Lois Wasoff. As Wasoff explained during a Copyright Clearance Center-sponsored special webinar last […]

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The Trouble With E-books

The notion that we live in publishing’s digital age faces a new challenge. Earlier this year, we learned that print may be getting a second wind. This week, the latest sales numbers from leading publishers show a decline in e-books. “The big question is, What is up with e-books?—or I should say, down with e-books? […]

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Authors Confront “The Wall of Content”

Writing and publishing were once all authors or editors ever concerned themselves about. In 2015, the new worry is over reading – with all the books now written and published, are readers an endangered species? In the UK, “Super Thursday” is the day in October when publishers announce books expected to head up holiday wish […]

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Amazon Books, From Clicks to Bricks

The future of bookselling would seem headed toward a single vanishing point: online, and specifically, Amazon. But recent developments raise hopes for publishers and readers that there will be alternatives. According to the American Booksellers Association, the number of indie stories is growing rather than declining. In Seattle, though, the city’s newest bookstore near the […]

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Best of BTB: Hybrid Publishers Dos and Don’ts

The lines have blurred recently in publishing, and the consequences for authors are considerable. Blurring lines means the freedom to move beyond once heavily-constricted roles: authors today also act as publishers and distributors of their works. Blurring lines can mean confusion, too: vendors vying for attention and business from authors don’t always make it easy […]

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A Supreme Appeal for Apple

Thursday was deadline day for Apple to file its petition with the Supreme Court appealing a series of rulings that found the Cupertino, California company had violated anti-trust laws and conspired with publishers to fix e-book prices. The lawyers made it under the wire and now await word from the nation’s highest court on the […]

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Video Series Making It on the Web

“What Makes the Web Viable?” is one of those questions only college sophomores and media conference moderators can dare to ask and further dare to answer. Many – maybe all –  filmmakers and other creators attending last week’s Digital Hollywood in Los Angeles unconsciously go to the Web first for distribution of their independent content and programming. […]

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