Identifying your Publishing DNA

The human genome is a sequence of billions of pieces of DNA, the biological database that makes us who we are. All members of the human family share the same genome, and the countless possible variations account for our individual identities. At the recent annual conference of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), a panel […]

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Riggio Retires

Over a half century of business transformation and reinvention, one figure has persisted in the book trade. Len Riggio, the founder and chairman of Barnes & Noble, built a bookselling empire that remains the nation’s largest – even if it also the last of its kind. This week, the 75-year-old Riggio announced the next step […]

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At PubWest 2011, Riggio Celebrated His Industry

After more than a half century of bookselling, over a time when the book trade has seen several transformations, Len Riggio has announced his plans to retire. Earlier today (April 27, 2016), the founder and chairman of Barnes & Noble told staff, “No one in the whole world of business could have had a career […]

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Celebrating Creativity in a Digital World

April 26 is WIPO’s World IP Day, and copyright is an important part of intellectual property. “Protecting copyright encourages the production of creative works”, says Álvaro Carvajal, Colombian publisher and president of Centro Colombiano de Derechos Reprográficos (CDR), the collective management society for authors and publishers in Colombia. Speaking [in Spanish] with CCC’s Victoriano Colodrón […]

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The Digital Paradox: Protecting and Disseminating Creativity in the 21st century

“Digital Creativity: Reinventing Culture” is the motto of WIPO’s World IP Day celebrated on April 26. Chilean author and journalist Alejandra Matus Acuña sees a “the digital paradox” in the opportunity for creators to disseminate their work widely with the challenge of the “digital culture of free”. What must be done, Matus Acuña says, is […]

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World IP Day Celebrates Creativity

April 26 is World IP Day – an occasion for reflection on the centrality of intellectual property in our lives today. As organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization, World IP Day explores the issues of our collective, global cultural future. Digital publishing media available at low cost and on-the-go mean global citizens have become […]

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“Books Case” Comes To End

The path leading to the marble steps of the United States Supreme Court building demands patience from all parties. When at last the journey ends, the justices offer no consolation other than their opinions. On Monday this week, the long road ended for the Authors Guild in their copyright infringement case against Google. That suit […]

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The Data Dilemma

Of the world’s vast collection of data –information and creative works in every imaginable form, physical as well as digital — 90% came into existence in the last two years. Big Data holds big promise for science, business and the human condition to create new value, realize medical breakthroughs and better human lives. As Big Data […]

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Book At Brexit Time

It was a week of comings and goings at the London Book Fair 2016. For one thing — and no one minded — the clouds and rain early in the week departed in time for the highlight days of the show. But talk of another leaving gave many publishers pause: In June, the British public votes […]

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At London, The Next Wave in OA Is Author Services

In 2016, the challenge for scholarly publishing is less about access for articles and more than ever about success for authors, individually and collaboratively. Yesterday at the London Book Fair, editors and executives from traditional publishers and innovative start-ups shared insights on the opportunities opening up for journals to offer value-added services to their author […]

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