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A regular Friday feature of CCC’s podcast series, “The Publishing Week Ahead With Publishers Weekly” previews the news that publishers, editors, authors, agents and librarians will be talking about when they return to work on Monday. CCC’s Chris Kenneally checks in with Andrew Albanese, PW’s Features Editor, as well as a range of PW writers, experts and editors.

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After 28 Years, Librarian of Congress Retires

The year was 1987. The Iran-Iraq war raged on; the US and Soviet Union agreed to reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons; and the first Simpsons television cartoons aired. Also in 1987, President Ronald Reagan swore into office James Billington as the Librarian of Congress. On Wednesday, at the age of 86, Billington retired after […]

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Oyster May Become Google’s Pearl

Subscription services abound online, for music as well as video and film. In recent years, various start-ups also have vied for a role as “the Netflix for books.” Of those who’ve made a mark – Oyster and Scribd, to name two – success has proven a double-edge sword. In early summer, Scribd announced it would […]

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Second Author Solutions Suit Ends Like the First

Where do we go to get our reputation back? That’s the question executives at independent publishing service provider Author Solutions are likely asking. A pair of lawsuits by authors alleging fraudulent business practices at Authors Solutions have recently ended, though doubts about the company will likely linger, says Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. “The […]

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For Sale Sign Up For Perseus

The business side of books dominated headlines this week. At Perseus Books Group, a “For Sale” has returned to its front lawn, after it went away a little over a year ago. At Barnes & Noble, the most recent quarterly sales report makes for grim reading material. Indeed, it’s no surprise that the book business […]

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Good News, Bad News For Self-Publishing

The book world this week is full of news from the ranks of “indie” or self-published authors: Good news for one children’s author, and bad news for several who feel cheated. And for another, the news is definitely in shades of grey. “A potential class action lawsuit alleging fraudulent business practices against Author Solutions has […]

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“Secretive” Amazon Brings Out The Worst

What do the capitalist titan Jeff Bezos and communist kingpin Kim Jong-Un have in common? Very likely, they have absolutely nothing in common, but we will never know because both Amazon and North Korea are kingdoms of secrecy. This week, owing to a lengthy New York Times article that documented “Dickensian” workplace practices at the […]

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A Textbook Case of Copyright Infringement?

Three leading education publishers have brought a copyright and trademark infringement suit against a U.S.-based textbook reseller for allegedly importing and selling “pirated” foreign editions of popular textbooks in the U.S. market. Filed in Massachusetts federal court by Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson Education, the suit accuses a trio of textbook “arbitragers” – individually and […]

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Mystery Author Flees Publisher

Authors discontented with their publishing deals are nothing new. Mark Twain enjoyed jabbing at publishers like a kid tossing stones. He said once that robbery of a publisher wasn’t a crime and was even rewarded in heaven with two halos. This week, a particularly discontented author just didn’t like the way the game was being […]

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Authors Reject “Forever” Contracts

True love, if you’re lucky enough to find it, lasts forever. So do diamonds, and even some tattoos. And for trade book authors, there are the contracts they sign with publishers. Earlier this week, the Authors Guild released the fourth installment of its Fair Contract Initiative, “A Publishing Contract Should Not Be Forever.” Typical book […]

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More Books From Harper Lee, Please

In a week when Go Set A Watchman broke sales records, the book business might want to celebrate. Then again, it might not. Harper Lee’s second novel lay unpublished for more than 50 years. When it finally appeared, readers swooped upon the tale of Scout and Atticus Finch in print and digital forms. “Watchman sold […]

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