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BTB #116: What You Should Know About Google Settlement

Originally recorded on June 22nd, copyright attorney and publishing expert Lois Wasoff reviews important developments regarding the proposed settlement in the landmark class action lawsuit. In a previous session, Wasoff outlines for publishers, authors and literary agents their options when it comes to deciding whether to participate or opt-out in the settlement (this session was […]

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BTB #115: Survey Finds Google Settlement ‘Unsettled’

Over the last several months, Copyright Clearance Center has produced programs to inform authors and publishers – in the US and around the world – about the choices they face over the proposed settlement in the landmark Google Books case. Because it is a class action lawsuit that pulls together thousands of rightsholders with published […]

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BTB #114: Your Readers Are Your Co-Authors

Beginning early to gather feedback about your intentions for a new book can provide authors with valuable insights on whether or not an idea will gain traction, says Social Media Bible co-author David Brake. “What authors are doing is leveraging the collective wisdom of their audience for their book, and by doing that, they’re establishing […]

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BTB #113: Stop Talking, Start Listening

Media guru, NPR personality, and Advertising Age critic Bob Garfield tells Chris Kenneally why he had to invent a publishing company after some 50 publishers declined to put out his latest book, The Chaos Scenario, according to the principles of “Listenomics” – “not talking to the crowd from atop the mount, but by dealing with […]

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BTB #112: A Remote Control for Your Life?

Of all devices in your life, the cell phone or PDA in your pocket or purse is the most personal of all. And for a media giant, that represents an unprecedented level of challenge and opportunity. In her company’s vision, explains Alisa Bowen — who heads up consumer publishing for Reuters Media at Thomson Reuters […]

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BTB #111: What To Do When You Don’t Have Time

Are you in charge of your “to-do” lists or are your lists in charge of you? Susan Robison – the “Professor Destressor” – helps her TAA 2009 conference audience unlearn what we’ve all heard about time management and how to apply practices that will increase effectiveness in teaching, writing, and living well. Play in […]

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BTB #110: So Much Media, So Little Time

As Senior Editor for Reason, a monthly journal covering “politics, culture, and ideas … [and] making a principled case for liberty and individual choice,” Michael Moynihan now sees his reporting appear in numerous forms: print, blogs, video, and more. “There’s a hunger for material. From a journalism perspective, this creates a problem. We have too […]

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