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BTB #162: Caught in a ‘Copyright War’?

What does it mean to be caught in a “copyright war”? If such a culture war is what we have, when and how might it end? One man up to the charge of answering these weighty questions is William Patry, considered the most prolific scholar of copyright in U.S. history. In an interview with Chris […]

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Special Edition Podcast: 2010 Research Blogging Awards Announced

Since its launch in 2007, has elevated science-related blogging by academics to a new level, and brought along an audience that reaches well beyond the lab and the campus. Today (March 23), site editor Dave Munger and Joy Moore of Seed Media, which underwrites the effort, open the envelopes with Chris Kenneally for the […]

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BTB #161: For Quotations, Shields Chooses Ecstasy Over Anxiety

As a professor and novelist, David Shields collects quotes and book excerpts that spur him to reflection and even inspiration. This spring, that habit produces the surprisingly controversial new work, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, which Shields discussed with Chris Kenneally during a break at the recent OnCopyright 2010 conference. Legal concerns aside, Shields claims the […]

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BTB #160: New Media: A Problem for Copyright?

The rise of social media and the consequences for copyright got a close examination earlier this month at the Tools of Change conference presented by O’Reilly Media. Copyright Clearance Center’s Edward Colleran hosted a panel discussion on the subject and this week’s Beyond The Book podcast presents remarks by Sree Sreenivasan, technology evangelist and Dean […]

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BTB #159: It’s 2010, Do You Know Where Your Copyright Is?

At the recent Tools of Change conference, Outsell lead analyst Ned May launched a report on “The State of Copyright in the Digital Age – What Is A Publisher to Do?” The number-crunching yields 370 billion “information sharing events” in a single year across the US, with a projected loss of $2 billion in licensing […]

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Best of BTB: OnCopyright 2010, Where Ideas Collide (Not People)

When it comes to typical conferences on the topic of copyright, four forces – technology, society, law, and the arts – interact to generate a charged debate. Conference organizer Bill Burger tells Chris Kenneally that OnCopyright 2010 will be different. For this “Collision of Ideas,” there will be a conversation rather than a confrontation. “Many […]

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