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Clearing Obstacles to Global Ebook Sales

At the 2013 Digital Book World Conference &  Expo, a number of sessions examined the challenges in reaching international markets. For Clearing the Path: Eliminating Obstacles to Global Ebook Sales, representatives from the fast-growing Kobo, Inc. – a Toronto-based, global e-book distribution network – presented a summary of the most common obstacles and how to overcome them. […]

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Libraries Welcome E-Book Lending Thaw

A January thaw is upon us – Not in the Northeastern US, where temperatures have been in the single digits for days, but certainly in Libraryland, where a major trade publisher has announced an innovative e-book lending program for libraries. Coming just ahead of the Midwinter meeting for the American Library Association in Seattle this weekend, the news may […]

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Presidential Legacy in Independent Publishing

As presidents end their term in office, they focus on the legacy they leave to their successors. The Independent Book Publishers Association has announced today that long-term president Florrie Kichler is retiring from her post on July 1. Over the five years that she’s served as IBPA president, Florrie Kichler has watched the publishing world […]

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Managing Copyright Today

Digital change—and the resulting explosion in ways of combining and using content—puts the increasingly complex issue of rights and rights management at the heart of today’s publishing business. Understanding and managing copyright in the 21st century, a pre-conference workshop held at the recent Digital Book World, took on the challenge of providing publishing professionals with a working […]

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House Moving in Digital Times

Whenever you move house, it’s an opportunity to clean, as well as a big job to pack. As the Penguin/Random House merger advances, the physical move may prove to be far easier than the digital transition, observes Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. “How are these two companies going to fit together? At PW, we […]

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Book Sales Secret Sauce – Metadata

Once locked away exclusively in the card catalogs of libraries, metadata in 2013 has escaped to the Web where in digital form, it describes the contents and context of data files. And because almost every form of published content today is created in digital form, metadata is an essential building block of every publishing business. For guidance […]

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2012’s Books By the Numbers

In the New Year, it’s time for endings and beginnings, along with some reckonings. The numerically-inclined among the editorial staff of Publishers Weekly have turned in their tallies for 2012. There were more #1 bestsellers than ever over the last 12 months, though PW senior writer Andrew Albanese tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally why that’s not entirely cause for celebration. “A record 89 top-sellers […]

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Copyright to the Rescue!

As European economies struggle for financial footing at the opening of 2013, ministers in Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin see hope in the digital future. According to the European Commission, the digital economy in Europe is expected to grow seven times faster than overall EU GDP. Copyright Clearance Center’s podcast series turns to Europe for another […]

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Publishing Pioneer Seeks Knowledge Unlatched

Scholarly book publishers, like their siblings in the journal world, today face growing financial stress along with mounting demands by academic audiences for free or low-cost content. The search is on for sustainable business models that accommodate and address these challenges. A non-profit, UK-based startup Knowledge Unlatched is looking to create an international consortium of […]

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