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Devereux Chatillon

Digital ‘No Sale’

When Internet start-ups are sued for copyright infringement, the complaints focus on piracy and services that make copyrighted books, music, and videos available for free. Not so in Capitol Records v. ReDigi, Inc. – the defendant, ReDigi, offered a service that allowed consumers to re-sell unwanted digital files. In March, a Federal Court judge in New York ruled […]

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Libraries Stay Cool

Chicago may be in a heat wave, but for the annual conference there this weekend of the American Library Association, there’s a welcome breeze blowing. Libraries still matter in the digital age, it turns out, even if the numbers of e-books on virtual shelves remain limited. “After a couple of tense years, the library community is […]

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Self-Publishing: Disruptor Or Defender Of The Book Business?

As James McQuivey, the highly-regarded Forrester Research analyst and author of Digital Disruption, notes, competitors in publishing and across all industries are taking advantage of innovative technologies to undercut competitors, get closer to customers, and disrupt the usual ways of doing business. Recorded at BookExpo America on May 31 (and carried “live” on C-SPAN2), McQuivey – along with Keith Ogorek of Author Solutions and Angela James from Carina Press – looked […]

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What An Indie Author Learns

To mark the national broadcast on Book-TV today (Saturday, June 22) for CCC’s panel on Self-Publishing: Disruptor Or Defender Of The Book Business?, Beyond the Book presents a special interview with an “indie author” who shares what he’s learned from inside the book business. Copyright and intellectual property are only two of Dave Davis’s many passions. A research analyst at […]

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Apple Awaits Its Fate

In closing arguments in the Department of Justice case charging Apple with price-fixing for e-books, attorneys for the government and the computing giant offered contrasting views of what it takes to make a conspiracy. “Apple lead counsel Orin Snyder was emphatic,” reports Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. “Apple, he said, did not conspire to […]

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Hey, Authors! It Really Is All About You!

Today, as never before in the history of the book, the business of publishing offers endless opportunities for writers and others to take charge of their creative efforts. Whether you are an aspiring author, one who has already self-published, or are newly independent from traditional publishers, you have access to new technologies, supportive book discovery […]

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Trials & Tribulations For Apple

The second week in the government’s e-book price-fixing trial against Apple has concluded with testimony from  Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president and chief negotiator with publishers ahead of the launch of the iPad in early 2010. On the stand, says Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer, Cue declared that he did not know publishers were sharing information about […]

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Best of BTB: What Students Can Teach Textbook Authors

On June 21 -22, CCC joins the Text & Academic Authors Association (TAA) for its annual conference with an educational presentation on copyright. This week’s CCC podcast features textbook editor Michael Greer, whose research has found that students have a lot to teach publishers when it comes to textbooks. Today’s readers – students especially – […]

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When Pirates Ruled America

As the e-book price-fixing trial opened this week in Manhattan, attorneys quizzed attorneys – with predictable results, notes Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. First in the witness box was Apple’s associate general counsel Kevin Saul. “His testimony had all the thrills you might expect from watching one lawyer depose another lawyer,” Albanese tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “Saul was […]

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Who’s Winning ‘Mobile Wars’

As mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – grow roots ever deeper into our personal and professional lives, publishers may feel forced to choose sides in the various wars and battles raging among Apple and Samsung, iOS and Android, and various other players and platforms. But a leading developer of mobile apps and related technology […]

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