Best of BTB: The Varied Voices of Science

“Who has a voice in science?” and “What does it matter who is speaking?” Last week for Beyond the Book, Prof. Cassidy Sugimoto made a case for acknowledging a persistent gender gap in the global research community despite considerable progress. In October last year, she further looked at disparity and disruption in scholarly communication for the annual Lucile Kelling Henderson lecture at UNC’s School of Information and Library Science.

Gender Gap Persists In Science

How do women fare when it comes to publishing their scientific research? In principle, science should be indifferent to gender, but in practice, are women working on a level playing field? Interview with Prof. Cassidy Sugimoto...

Lobbying for Reading

America’s libraries are business-building, job-creating, workforce-preparing engines of the U.S. economy in every corner of the country.

Turning Text Into Insights

More than 2.5 million peer-reviewed articles appear in scholarly journals in a single year – creating a deluge of data that requires a technology solution

The Paragraph Gets A Makeover

The form factor of the book has really not changed in about 500 years – a book is a book. You could go back to the First Folio and open it up and read it just like you could open and read a book that was published yesterday. But the rules have changed with this new technology, and so what we’re thinking about is where the new rules come from.

BookExpo To Welcome Publishers, Public

The reconfiguration of BookExpo and the expansion of BookCon are intended to build “an end-to-end solution where publishers can launch their titles to the trade and consumers all in one place.”

STM’s Pinball Wizards

Researchers today find themselves faced with many demands on their time and career: Rising competition for tenure, grants, and positions, on the one side, and mushrooming quantities of articles and data on the other.

Librarians Take Washington

The message librarians brought to the hill was clear: save the Institute of Museum and Library Services, fully fund libraries, and reauthorize the Museum and Library Services Technology Act, the law that makes all library funding possible at the federal level.