Len RiggioAfter more than a half century of bookselling, over a time when the book trade has seen several transformations, Len Riggio has announced his plans to retire.

Earlier today (April 27, 2016), the founder and chairman of Barnes & Noble told staff, “No one in the whole world of business could have had a career more fulfilling or more rewarding than I.”

In November 2011, at the annual PubWest conference, Riggio recalled how the paperback revolution of a generation ago not only fed his intellect but also fueled his ambitions as a bookseller. “No industry is more important to the advancement of civilization,” he said.

Riggio also noted how technology is shaping the industry’s future. “Media and technology have become one,” he said, and assured his audience that, “the enormity of our investment in technology serves you as well.”

Beyond the Book is happy to bring you that PubWest keynote today in celebration of Riggio’s contribution to publishing.

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