Bob GarfieldBob GarfieldOctober 1 opens “30 Days of Chaos,” a free national event dedicated to preparing for media and marketing’s digital future. Organized by Bob Garfield around the publication of his new book, The Chaos Scenario, “30 Days of Chaos” will enable and empower you, your organization, business or meet-up group to confront the issues of revolutionary change in publishing and broadcasting. A step-by-step discussion/continuing education program will, 1) guide participants through the disintegration of the mass media/mass marketing symbiosis, 2) introduce them to new digital/social tools, and 3) encourage them to work together to assemble those tools not merely to survive the revolution but to exploit it. Register here.

This summer, media guru, NPR personality, and Advertising Age critic Bob Garfield told Chris Kenneally why he had to invent a publishing company after some 50 publishers declined to put out his latest book, The Chaos Scenario, according to the principles of “Listenomics” – “not talking to the crowd from atop the mount, but by dealing with [the] audience as participants, stakeholders, fellow travelers.”

“Basically, publishing hasn’t changed dramatically in the last century,” Garfield explains, “and what I’m proposing is a dramatic change, and who doesn’t resist dramatic change?” For most of the book, Garfield focuses his attention on the “chaos scenario” that he sees now engulfing all forms of advertising-supported media, from newspapers to broadcast TV.

“We’re not at the beginning of the collapse, we’re in sort of the middle of the collapse,” he says.

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