David MaranissIt’s late October, and while “the boys of summer” play out their last innings, professional and college football teams keep cheering crowds in their seats even as temperatures fall. And everywhere, the fans pore over the best in sports journalism.

“I don’t want to pretend that sports figures are the best representatives of American culture, but they can offer some wonderful opportunities to explore some of the key issues of American life,” notes David Maraniss, associate editor of The Washington Post, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and author of Clemente and other acclaimed books. “So whether it’s writing about the mythology of competition and success… what sports does is provides you first what you need as a writer, which is a great, dramatic story.”

Maraniss considered the renaissance in “serious” sports writing with CCC’s Christopher Kenneally in 2007 at BookExpo America for the panel discussion, A Winning Season? It’s Time to Take Sportswriting Seriously.

To listen to the entire one-hour program, which also features Cait Murphy, Starling Lawrence, and Peter Golenbock, please click here.

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