Christopher KenneallyAt BookExpo America 2008, Beyond the Book’s Christopher Kenneally will act as host for three educational programs.

On Friday, May 30 (1:00PM – 2:00PM), Kenneally will moderate the panel “The Future of Reading.” Details of this panel discussion are as follows:

A century ago, the cinema was dismissed as “an invention without a future,” but today it thrives as much in theaters as online. Likewise, books and the habit of reading are often placed on endangered lists in our own time, especially by technophiles who denigrate the printed word as an obsolete “form factor.” But if reading is to have a future it must successfully build a bridge from the “old” ways of publishing to the new. Panelists from publishing, academia, and the library community will explore how social networking, online programming (including Internet-delivered TV), and related technology are poised to become saviors of printed word. Featuring publisher Paul Dry; librarian and author Irene McDermott; and publisher Ana Maria Allessi of audio titles and e-books for HarperMedia.

Kenneally will also conduct two “Upfront & Unscripted” interviews. On Thursday, May 29 (1:30PM – 2:00PM), he will speak with eMusic CEO David Pakman. He will be joined by film producer Jeff Sharp on Friday, May 30, (11:00AM – 11:30AM).

This podcast is a re-broadcast of an interview Kenneally recently gave to BookExpoCast, the official podcast of BookExpo America.

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