Pro-Digital & Pro-Copyright

There is huge value in the curation and the discovery of important information. And there’s a gap in terms of how that is then turned into a commercial model.

Manga Translates Infringement

In the ’90s, scanlation was still a fan passion project. At some point, that changed. The scanlation sites became more about piracy. And they just don’t care.

Getting Rights Right

As basic a question as “Who owns the rights to a work?” doesn’t always yield a ready answer.

Using Music at Work: A Licensing Guide

In this Digital Age, every company is a creative powerhouse. Setting aside formal titles and departments, employees today are creators, producers and publishers of content. And these creators don’t just reside in marketing and corporate communications...

Where Copyright And Technology Collide

When it comes to digital technology, the story is all about the disruption. From Napster to Uber, YouTube to Twitter, and Kindle to iPhone, innovative devices and Web-based services have made good business from displacing established players. Digital disruption can...

The Future of Copyright

As was evident everywhere at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, publishing today depends on technology, and technology is pressing copyright in ways never imagined in the days of printing presses. Copyright holders in the digital age are under challenge across the globe,...

Music Marketplaces

In July at the inaugural RightsTech Summit in New York City, leaders from startups to tech/media powerhouses gathered for an exploration on the “state of the art” when it comes to innovation in rights management. As use cases for content continually evolve, and the...