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Where Copyright And Technology Collide

When it comes to digital technology, the story is all about the disruption. From Napster to Uber, YouTube to Twitter, and Kindle to iPhone, innovative devices and Web-based services have made good business from displacing established players. Digital disruption can deliver a crushing blow, but technology may also help to repair the damage – just […]

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The Future of Copyright

As was evident everywhere at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, publishing today depends on technology, and technology is pressing copyright in ways never imagined in the days of printing presses. Copyright holders in the digital age are under challenge across the globe, not only from wide-ranging infringement, but also from so-called “reform.” In a panel […]

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Music Marketplaces

In July at the inaugural RightsTech Summit in New York City, leaders from startups to tech/media powerhouses gathered for an exploration on the “state of the art” when it comes to innovation in rights management. As use cases for content continually evolve, and the need for licenses and permissions grows exponentially, automated rights markets can […]

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What To Watch For in Textbook Publishing Contracts

Whereas Steve Gillen has seen his share – and more – of book contracts, therefore, he is highly qualified to share his views on the ways authors should approach negotiations and what they should look out for in the fine print there. Over his career advising clients in a wide variety of publishing and entertainment […]

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The Condition Of Copyright

In his globe-trotting role as Executive Director, International Relations, for Copyright Clearance Center, Michael Healy sees close up the contribution copyright makes to the global creative economy. He also sees much that concerns him about copyright’s prospects today, and in the years ahead. In a series of recent remarks to audiences of authors, publishers and […]

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Taking On the Book Pirates

Online book piracy and the weather have this much in common: People talk about them, but no one does much about one or the other. Now meet one author who has done rather a lot. When publicist and author Rhonda Rees discovered her book was available on pirate web sites, she became determined to strike […]

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World IP Day Celebrates Creativity

April 26 is World IP Day – an occasion for reflection on the centrality of intellectual property in our lives today. As organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization, World IP Day explores the issues of our collective, global cultural future. Digital publishing media available at low cost and on-the-go mean global citizens have become […]

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London Book Fair Countdown

Approaching April, the book business sets course for London and the city’s annual Book Fair. Copyright Clearance Center hosts special programming on “The Next Wave” for Open Access publishing and examines “The Data Dilemma.” You are invited to join the discussion about Rights Licensing, Big Data, Open Access and more! In 2015, in an engaging […]

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Mass Digitization – Progress, Goals, and Roadblocks

Technology companies today are willing and able to digitize copyrighted works on a scale never imagined before. Copyright owners have raised concerns over their right to do so, and the consequences of mass digitization on publishers’ businesses and accessibility of copyrighted material to the public remain up in the air. At the recent Copyright & […]

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All-in-One Conference: Copyright and Technology

It’s a truism in intellectual property that copyright legislation is in a never-ending race with technology, and always playing catch-up. When copyright and technology first found themselves in this circular arrangement, the disruptive technology of the moment was the player piano. On Tuesday, January 19, at New York University, attorneys, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, and educators will […]

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