In Paris, Publishing “En Marche”

“France is well known for its high-quality literature, but I think there is emerging a French popular literature, too,” says Fabrice Piault. “If you look at the bestseller list this summer, most titles are coming from French popular literature.”

A World of Words

“If you’re an editor at a major publishing house, you have to look globally [for new works to translate] and that can be overwhelming.”

2016 Global Book News In Review

The United States has by far the largest publishing industry of any nation in the world, followed by China and Germany. Some of the fastest growth is seen in national markets across Asia and the Middle East. Young populations with access to the Internet on smartphones...

WorldReader Brings Digital Library To Africa

A visit to the local library is a common ritual for families with young children. Even the smallest library’s shelves are stocked with many an armful of story books for bedtime. In developing countries across Africa, the physical library is a rare enough sight. Books...