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2016 Global Book News In Review

The United States has by far the largest publishing industry of any nation in the world, followed by China and Germany. Some of the fastest growth is seen in national markets across Asia and the Middle East. Young populations with access to the Internet on smartphones are demanding content that is relevant to their dynamic […]

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WorldReader Brings Digital Library To Africa

A visit to the local library is a common ritual for families with young children. Even the smallest library’s shelves are stocked with many an armful of story books for bedtime. In developing countries across Africa, the physical library is a rare enough sight. Books themselves are a luxury, even where literacy rates may be […]

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The Power of Content

In May, Copyright Clearance Center acquired UK-based Ixxus to help harness the power of content and licensing. Together, CCC and Ixxus are now working with publishers to develop a “content-fi­rst” strategy that combines advanced semantic enrichment, a “single source of truth” content repository, and other exciting tools, says CCC CEO Tracey Armstrong, who spoke about […]

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The Future of Copyright

As was evident everywhere at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, publishing today depends on technology, and technology is pressing copyright in ways never imagined in the days of printing presses. Copyright holders in the digital age are under challenge across the globe, not only from wide-ranging infringement, but also from so-called “reform.” In a panel […]

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Get Smart About Content

For publishers, content is at the heart of every conversation with business partners – and with their authors and readers, too. Since its acquisition by Copyright Clearance Center earlier this year, Ixxus now goes far beyond traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM), a market expected to grow to more than $9.4 billion by 2018. “Publishers today […]

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Frankfurt Book Fair Arrives With More Than Books

We may live in a global village, but authentically global events that unite us across borders are as rare as diamonds. For athletes and their fans, there is the quadrennial spectacle of the Olympics. For authors, publishers and lovers of literature, the book world has the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. Amble around the sprawling fair […]

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The Condition Of Copyright

In his globe-trotting role as Executive Director, International Relations, for Copyright Clearance Center, Michael Healy sees close up the contribution copyright makes to the global creative economy. He also sees much that concerns him about copyright’s prospects today, and in the years ahead. In a series of recent remarks to audiences of authors, publishers and […]

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Global Lessons In Polish Multimedia Publishing

The rise of mobile media devices – smartphones and tablets – presents a  fascinating, perplexing challenge. The digitization of media transports the book  from the printed page to a screen — placing it adjacent to every and all other media. How well the book can get along with its new neighbors is an important question. […]

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Amazon From The European Side

Copyright around the world is in a race to keep up.  Technology has the fast track, while legislators, lobbyists, and the public are going to the inside and looking to make their move. In the digital age, this race is going to be not a sprint, but a marathon.  And because digital is always global, […]

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Celebrating Creativity in a Digital World

April 26 is WIPO’s World IP Day, and copyright is an important part of intellectual property. “Protecting copyright encourages the production of creative works”, says Álvaro Carvajal, Colombian publisher and president of Centro Colombiano de Derechos Reprográficos (CDR), the collective management society for authors and publishers in Colombia. Speaking [in Spanish] with CCC’s Victoriano Colodrón […]

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