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Indie Authors Get A Bookstore

In 2015, the opening of an independent bookstore is an event rare enough to attract attention from bystanders – rather like spotting a vintage automobile with shiny chrome bumpers and flashy fins sailing through your town’s streets. When the Gulf Coast Bookstore flung open its doors in Fort Myers, Florida, the attention was even greater […]

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Amazon Fear

It’s a sunny afternoon, but no yet summertime as The Kinks sang – it’s April, of course – and publishers are hardly complaining about the nice weather. The London Book Fair opened on Monday under blue skies, and even as the sunlight streamed through the arcaded windows at Olympia Hall, all was not sunny for the […]

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The Case For Libraries

Publishers bemoan the dwindling of retail space, but they could just be looking in the wrong place for shelves to display their titles. An abundant supply of shelfspace exists in the 16,000 public library branches in America, according to David Vinjamuri who teaches branding and social media at New York University and writes the Brand […]

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Amazon V. Books, Round 2

In one corner, the publisher – a world champion, and over nearly two centuries of existence, the original house for Mark Twain, the Bronte Sisters, and Agatha Christie, among many others. In the other corner, the online Leviathan that dominates the digital environment. This week, Amazon returned to the ring to fight over business terms […]

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Book Buying By The Numbers

What’s black and white and read all over? A survey of consumer book-buying habit just out from the Nielsen Market Research. This week, the book world began poring over the findings, covering everything from shares of print and digital sales, to preferences for digital platforms. The two most intriguing findings confirm suspicions that the drive […]

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Salinger And the Public Domain

The legal definition of “public domain” is property that is available or accessible to the public, such as a National Park. In copyright, “P.D.” refers to inventions, writings, recordings or photographs not protected by intellectual property law. Often enough, the public domain can often seem to lie just beyond the horizon – like a mirage in […]

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Book Business On A Trampoline

The business of books has more ups and downs than a kangaroo on a trampoline. This week, the Association of American Publishers StatShot program released final numbers for reported sales in 2014; Barnes & Noble also reported its third quarter earnings. The figures will not have investors or publishers calling out for champagne. “Total revenue […]

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The Biggest of the Small in Publishing

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” For book publishing, those lines ring true in any era, but especially our own. Books today compete against a wide spectrum of entertainment, and the time we have to devote to reading is under more pressure than ever. Yet in the face of […]

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The Party King of Librarianship Hits the Campaign Trail

Even as librarians rewrite the definition of what makes for a library in the 21st century, they are also redrafting their job descriptions. Along with the academic degrees and professional training, librarians in 2015 should know how to party—at least if they choose to follow the example of New Jersey City University librarian J.P. Porcaro, […]

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Friends Of Books Moving On

In publishing circles, the best friend a book can have is someone who will talk about it – a bookseller, for instance, as well as a member of the media. With newspapers giving up on book reviews, television and radio hosts have taken up the slack – much to the relief of publicists and authors. […]

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