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Frankfurt Not Just For Books Anymore

As fall begins, the Frankfurt Book Fair looms, coming to the German financial capital October 19 through 23. Traditional expectations for industry trade shows face unprecedented challenges in 2016, reports Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. The Frankfurt Book Fair organizers, he says, have managed to keep the show fresh and attractive by moving outside […]

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Book Business Sees Wide Gender Pay Gap

This presidential election year, stagnant wages and growing income inequality are issues that concern voters and candidates on the left and on the right. In publishing, based on the mixed results of a Publishers Weekly survey released this week, those concerns could surface at the next editorial meeting. “In 2015, men earned an average of […]

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Why Readers Stick To Print

Old habits are hard to break. Just ask the Big 5 trade book publishers who just can’t seem to walk away from a business dependence on print books. Sales reports and reader surveys agree that readers continue to enjoy print book over e-books. The reasons for that preference, though, aren’t as obvious as some accounts […]

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Reference Librarians Solving Problems

No one likes to see you bringing problems to the workplace – unless he or she is a reference librarian. Once upon a time, reference librarians assisted patrons to find something – usually in a book. In 2016, the job is to work out what the problem is, then find the proper resources to solve […]

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Another B&N Chief Leaves

In journalism, August is as close to a slow season as it ever gets in the newsroom. This week, though, that changed in a hurry – with flood waters inundating Louisiana; war raging on in Syria; and fires roaring through southern California. Even the book world came back from vacation to find its way into […]

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NYPL Offers SimplyE Lending App

With the New York Public Library setting the standard, more and more public librarians will begin spelling “books” with an “e.” Public libraries, of course, have offered e-books on loan for a number of years, but few readers – and not very many publishers – were ever pleased with the experience. Last month, the New […]

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BISG Faces Uncertain Future

“The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.” That acute observation from author William Gibson, the cyberpunk pioneer, captures the predicament of our age, when new technologies overlap with the many that are already established. The lucky early adopters get to live in the future, while the rest of us play in […]

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Saving Ebook Sales

Latest sales reports from the Association of American Publishers show clearly the direction for e-books: Down. “Are publishers finally getting a handle on what’s driving the decline? After the first quarter of 2016, I would think, yes, they would have,” reports Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer. “But the problem is, I don’t think they […]

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Comics Sales Go Pop!

Comic books – and graphic novels, their book trade cousins – are no laughing matter. The characters between these covers are usually troubled souls, and the situations they confront range from disturbing to dire. The scenario for the comic book business is anything but dire, however. According to a recently published report on the North […]

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Book Titles Top the Ticket

In an unconventional political year, no one should expect conventional party conventions. As the Republican gathering in Cleveland this week gives way to the Democratic meeting coming to Philadelphia next week, that is the only reliable prediction. Politics and publishing are long-time bedfellows, of course. Biographies, manifestos, exposes and histories reliably ride the campaign coattails. […]

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