How an award-winning biotechnology company is meeting information challenges for researchers in life-saving drug development.

Frank RebersLife science companies face many difficult challenges as they grow. When it comes to relevant scientific content, they can struggle to provide access for researchers that is organized, comprehensive and copyright-aware.

The award-winning Netherlands-based biotechnology company, Genmab, overcame these challenges even while on the front lines in the fight against cancer.

“The most important challenge is actually the copyright awareness,” Genmab’s Frank Rebers, a Ph.D. biologist with 15 years’ experience in drug development, told Chris Kenneally in a recent Copyright Clearance Center and RightsDirect webinar.

“Many of our scientists are used to having access to information, especially if they worked in nonprofit groups [and academia],” he explained. “Scientists and maybe people in general think, ‘what we can download from the Internet is there for us to grab and to use.’ Obviously, that is not the case. If we want to use [scientific papers] for our commercial purposes, we need to adhere to certain rules.”

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