Natalie AriënNot only publishers feel the impact of the digital revolution. For better and for worse, authors around the world face new questions and new challenges brought by the Internet and the rise of social media. Personal branding and marketing; new income sources and remuneration schemes; copyright protection and licensing; even the act of writing itself – all these are evolving into new forms. But are the changes happening the same way for every region of the world, whether in bigger and smaller countries, or in language communities of different sizes?

As part of special programming within Beyond the Book from RightsDirect, the European subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center, Victoriano Colodrón speaks with Natalie Ariën of VAV, the Flemish Authors’ Association, representing the interests of Dutch-speaking authors from the Flanders region of Belgium. VAV members include authors of prose, poetry, plays, screenplays, children’s and youth literature, literary non-fiction and comic strip/cartoons, as well as illustrators and literary translators.

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