Bill O’BrienSusan KesnerThe city of Frankfurt has a strong claim to the title of center of the book publishing universe. In the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg developed movable type and the printing press at his studio in Frankfurt. In our own time, book authors and publishers, as well as their partners in technology and licensing, gather every fall there for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

For 2013, the vast halls at the Fair will reverberate with debate about devices, and arguments on the merits of business models. On Thursday, October 10, Robert Kiley of the Wellcome Trust, along with leading publishers and analysts, will examine the Open Access challenge at a special panel discussion presented by Copyright Clearance Center

With background on that program, and much more about CCC’s role at the fair, Bill O’Brien, director, Business Development, and Susan Kesner, director, Strategic Account, join Chris Kenneally for our annual Frankfurt Book Fair preview.

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