Jamie CarmichaelSeth DellonKris KliemannAs traditional sales channels have declined in the digital era, publishers and other content providers have moved to market and distribute their work in innovative and flexible ways. Success in this new environment relies on automated licensing tools that support scalable, hassle-free licensing and permissions in new formats, territories, languages and much more.

For a webinar held September 10, Copyright Clearance Center examined several ground-breaking solutions that help make it easy to exchange rights to reuse content – both full and partial text – in new channels. Guests included John Wiley & Son’s Kris Kliemann, Vice President & Director, Global Rights, Licensing and Permissions; Seth Dellon, Director of Product Development at PubMatch, a global network to discover, buy and sell foreign rights; and Jamie Carmichael, Republication License Product Manager at CCC.

“In 2014, publishers are driving towards data-driven decision-making,” noted the program moderator, CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “The kinds of things we’re talking about today serve not only to drive revenue growth, but also to provide the publishers who license their work in this fashion with a growing body of data that will help them make decisions around publishing, make decisions around which markets to enter, and make decisions about just where they should put their emphasis in a world of limited resources.”

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