Carl RobinsonAt London Book Fair throughout the week of March 13, Copyright Clearance Center is presenting a variety of programs on publishing, rights and technology.

On Monday, March 13, Carl Robinson of UK-based Ixxus, a CCC subsidiary, will urge publishers to promote a positive content management culture at the lead-off Quantum Conference sponsored by Nielsen. Carl calls his talk, “Raiders of the Lost Content.” When it comes to this publishing version of Indiana Jones, you listen to him, your content lives longer.

In October 2016 at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Robinson spoke with CCC’s Chris Kenneally. We can get smart about our content, he warned, or we can watch the content clutter accumulate.

“People lose time because they can’t find stuff. So let’s enable them to find stuff,” Robinson explained. “Let’s enable them, then, to do something interesting with it. Let’s enable them to put things together, create relationships. That’s about the management of the content – where is it? What can I do with it? What rights do I have with it?”

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