Andrew AlbaneseIf winter is for pessimists – all grey and cold and bleak – then summer certainly is season for sunny dispositions. In August, though, the publishing business has seemed frozen as if in mid-January. The source of the polar vortex, of course, is the ongoing slugfest between Amazon and Hachette.

Yet while the book world can hardly expect a sudden heat wave any time soon, it ought to perk up from several items of heartwarming news this week. At a press conference where Barnes & Noble announced a partnership with Samsung to sell the Galaxy Tab 4, B&N CEO Michael Huseby discussed results of a commissioned study.

“In addition to the finding that 77% agreed that ‘reading is an important part of my life,’ almost half said that their reading had increased due to access to a smartphone or tablet reading device,” reports Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer.

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