Andrew AlbaneseKris KliemannRobert GottliebDigital change—and the resulting explosion in ways of combining and using content—puts the increasingly complex issue of rights and rights management at the heart of today’s publishing business. Understanding and managing copyright in the 21st century, a pre-conference workshop held at the recent Digital Book World, took on the challenge of providing publishing professionals with a working knowledge of rights, and the changing environment surrounding their licensing and use.

“From our standpoint, as author advocates, copyright is the road map by which authors make a living,” noted Robert Gottlieb, founder and chairman of Trident Media Group

Joining Gottlieb on the panel were Kris Kliemann, Vice President, Director of Global Rights, John Wiley & Sons, and Andrew AlbanesePublishers Weekly senior writer. CCC’s Chris Kenneally moderated.

“At Wiley, we’re trying to make sure that people who create content are remunerated, and people who help put that content out into the world are also remunerated,” said Kliemann about the power of copyright. “At Wiley, when we sign up a book, we care about what rights we get.”

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