Matt TurnerIn a recent visit to the Massachusetts headquarters of Copyright Clearance Center, Matt Turner, CTO, Media & Publishing, MarkLogic, reflected on a decade of change in media and publishing – and found cause for reassurance, even praise.

“A lot of people might look back on the last ten years and say, ‘All my print revenue’s gone.  Gosh, everything’s so complicated.  I have all these websites, and I have these mobile devices, and there’s so much happening in the information industries.  I don’t know where it’s going to go.’”

“I like to take it the other way around: Think of what we’ve accomplished,” said Turner. “Think of all the innovation that we’ve put into this industry to take it to where it is today.”

By enabling a complete, real-time view of content and data, the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL platform makes it possible for publishers and media outlets to create and deliver digital products with innovative approaches to metadata management and information delivery.

“Today, we have vibrant digital businesses delivering information in context,” Turner noted. “We have dynamic access to information that’s spreading not just from the scientific world, but down into the commercial world.”

“Think of all the things we’ve accomplished in the last 10 years in an industry under threat.  Most industries, if their main line of business absolutely disappeared, it would fragment, and you may not even see the industry again.  I think what I see is that, actually, the information industries are an incredibly strong place.”

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