Adam TaylorThe opening bars of “Heavy Action,” the longtime theme music for Monday Night Football in the U.S. have preceded many a memorable game. This week, Beyond the Book has “swapped” the MNF theme for our own to help make the point that music makes emotional connections that are compelling and indelible. The playful musical “bait-and-switch” also demonstrates how easy it is to produce programming on your own, with the same look and feel as the networks and the studios.

Today, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. announced the launch of RightFind™ Music, powered by APM Music. A search and file management website designed to help customers find, download and manage music from a collection of more than 500,000 tracks licensed for use in presentations and video, RightFind Music includes the Music Use License, which gives employees the rights to use high-quality music to enhance training, marketing and sales presentations and videos.

“In a corporation, especially larger corporations with a lot of different divisions, you’ve got a lot of people making decisions about music – They’re providing a number of different services; they’re producing podcasts like this; they are doing corporate videos for training and sales purposes and marketing purposes. They may be working on commercials, YouTube videos, Vine videos, Instagram videos,” explains Adam Taylor, APM Music president.

For businesses today, Taylor notes, making music a part of marketing, training and other communications represents and opportunity and a predicament.

“With music, the rights are very complicated,” he says. “You can’t just take a commercial track and use it in a production without having permission both for the master recording as well as for the underlying composition. Some songs today have four or five writers, four or five publishers, plus a record company. You have to go to all of them to get permission. And as badly as you may want it, you may not actually be able to get it. Library music [from APM] solves that problem.”

When assembled in a single creative package, says Taylor, music, words, and pictures make up an unbeatable team.

“It’s important to understand that [an APM track] is made to work with the moving image,” he tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally. “When you’re working with a moving image, you don’t want a popular song over everything. It’s distracting. This is music made for storytelling, and it will enhance the value of the production.

“We hire incredible composers, whether they’re well known or not. We use the finest musicians. We do a lot of recording with great orchestras. We use the London Symphony. We go to Abbey Road. We use a lot of great orchestras in Eastern Europe and Israel and other places. And so the quality of the music is terrific.”

Over more than three decades, Adam Taylor has helped intellectual property companies, organizations and individuals manage and extract value from their copyrights, trademarks and patents. APM Music is the world’s leading creative music house and production music library, renowned for the unique quality and range of its music, from current indie band sounds and bombastic trailer cues to timeless classical music recordings.

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