SiNae PittsIn her work as a leading developer of smartphone and tablet applications, SiNae Pitts never strays far from her background as a research scientist. Her clients include top STM journals, and her designs reflect a willingness to experiment that she acquired in the lab.

“As a researcher and as a scientist, you’re building on existing knowledge, but you want to further the field and discover something new,” Pitts tells Chris Kenneally. “As an entrepreneur, I feel like I have that same leaning to create something totally new on a brand-new platform. Both the researcher and the entrepreneur aren’t really sure how to get there, but they have some good hypotheses and through hard work and perseverance, you hopefully will bring out something impactful .”

Founder and CEO of Amphetamobile, Pitts is optimistic that iPads and other untethered devices can boost business for publishers of all kinds. “The iPad has huge potential because it’s an intimate device. You have it with you all the time. It’s also just more fun and more immersive than sitting at your desk and your keyboard and craning over your screen. It feels more like the leisure of picking up a book or picking up a magazine.”

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