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Making Learning Mobile

When students return to campus this fall, chances are good they won’t bring a laptop to class but instead will carry a smartphone. Students and faculty alike are looking to the ubiquitous handhelds to enhance learning. Educator and editor Michael Greer says if we are ever going to make learning mobile, we must first rethink […]

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The Technology of the Book

New technologies engage the human mind in many ways.  Depending on one’s perspective, the latest gadget is either a miracle or a menace. Michael Greer, who teaches the online course The Technology of the Book: Past, Present, and Future for the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, assigns his students to conduct ethnographic field work in order […]

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The New Editors

What is an editor? That question, posed at a roundtable discussion at the recent PubWest Conference in Santa Fe, elicited surprising new answers. In the digital age of publishing, the job description for “editor” is shifting, morphing, and growing larger, agreed the group. And as discussion leader Michael Greer tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally, “Editors tend to have responsibility for more parts of the […]

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Best of BTB: What Students Can Teach Textbook Authors

On June 21 -22, CCC joins the Text & Academic Authors Association (TAA) for its annual conference with an educational presentation on copyright. This week’s CCC podcast features textbook editor Michael Greer, whose research has found that students have a lot to teach publishers when it comes to textbooks. Today’s readers – students especially – […]

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BTB #329: What Students Can Teach Textbook Authors

Today’s readers – students especially – have high expectations of e-books and other digital media. Ever-evolving technology for tablets and e-readers makes the race to keep up a daunting one for publishers and authors. The leap from printed page to pixel-ed screen demands new strategies for content development. “We need to learn more about how […]

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BTB #195: Usability Studies in Textbook Design

“We’re in the midst of a fundamental transformation in the way people read,” declares textbook editor and former English professor Michael Greer. Collaborating with Prof. Tharon Howard of Clemson University, Greer has contributed to the just-published collection, Usability of Complex Information Systems, Evaluation of User Interaction. Their account of textbook usability studies with contemporary college […]

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