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The New Editors

What is an editor? That question, posed at a roundtable discussion at the recent PubWest Conference in Santa Fe, elicited surprising new answers. In the digital age of publishing, the job description for “editor” is shifting, morphing, and growing larger, agreed the group. And as discussion leader Michael Greer tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally, “Editors tend to have responsibility for more parts of the […]

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Object Value in an Electronic Age

Can Physical Trump Digital? As digital technologies evolve, certain changes are not necessarily good or bad, just inevitable. Publishers are in the process of transitioning to digital for most trade books, but are there any publications that can sustain their object value in physical, printed form? In a keynote address for the 2013 PubWest Conference last month, Knock […]

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Publishing Success Through Innovation

Berrett-Koehler is an open source publisher. That’s one way the independent publisher of progressive books on current affairs, personal growth, and business and management manages to survive and thrive, says president and founder Steven Piersanti. In his keynote address to the 2013 PubWest conference on Friday in Santa Fe, Piersanti detailed how Berrett-Koehler Publishers has succeeded by innovating in every area of […]

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Book Discovery: Fitting the Pieces Together

Every second, two books are discovered on Goodreads, the largest site for readers and book recommendations. What must happen to get a book to that magical moment when a reader sees it and says “I want to read this”? In his keynote address to the 2012 PubWest Conference, Otis Chandler, CEO of Goodreads, explains why […]

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BTB #329: What Students Can Teach Textbook Authors

Today’s readers – students especially – have high expectations of e-books and other digital media. Ever-evolving technology for tablets and e-readers makes the race to keep up a daunting one for publishers and authors. The leap from printed page to pixel-ed screen demands new strategies for content development. “We need to learn more about how […]

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BTB #326: The New Frontier of Bookselling

At the Keystone Resort in the Colorado Rockies (elevation: 9300 feet), PubWest – the Publishers Association of the West –held its annual conference this weekend. In his opening keynote, Oren Teicher, CEO of American Booksellers Association, called for a closer alliance between indie publishers and the indie booksellers who make up the bulk of PubWest […]

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BTB #259: B&N’s Riggio Keynotes PubWest 2011

Just ahead of an announcement from Barnes & Noble for a tablet-version of its Nook e-book reader, company chairman Len Riggio declared in a keynote address for the 2011 PubWest Conference, “We are committed as ever to the future of our bookstores, and to bookstores in general. We will adapt to whatever the new world […]

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BTB #200: Ingram’s Prichard on Reinventing Publishing

At PubWest 2010 in November, Skip Prichard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ingram Content Group, Inc. delivered a keynote address that urged his audience to embrace the new and rethink the old, when it comes to business models for publishing. By moving boldly, Prichard advised, innovative publishers can revolutionize the reading experience and help […]

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BTB #195: Usability Studies in Textbook Design

“We’re in the midst of a fundamental transformation in the way people read,” declares textbook editor and former English professor Michael Greer. Collaborating with Prof. Tharon Howard of Clemson University, Greer has contributed to the just-published collection, Usability of Complex Information Systems, Evaluation of User Interaction. Their account of textbook usability studies with contemporary college […]

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BTB #194: ‘Bubble Bath Reading’ Mystery Revealed

Taking the mystery out of independent publishing, Jessica Tribble of Poisoned Pen Press reveals the truth about genre authors and how they view technology. “These are people who really have the passion for writing,” she tells Chris Kenneally. “They want to make sure that their word and their content gets out there. The book as […]

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