BTB #84: Why Metadata Makes or Breaks Digital Nature Photos

Susan McElhinney“To begin with, [including metadata is] about copyright — it’s such a basic issue,” says Susan McElhinney, photo editor for National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick pub.

In a conversation at the annual NANPA summit, she tells Chris Kenneally, “people used to cram tons of information on a little, tiny slide mount. Ranger Rick and National Wildlife Federation LogoNow they could write a novel in the metadata and I surprisingly get an amazing number of pictures that have nothing.”

Photographers – Don’t let this be you!

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  1. Tom Stack August 17, 2009 at 11:26 am #

    Having worked with Susan as an image provider/stock photo agency owner, it comes as no surprise that she has such a tremendous understanding of photographers and empathy for their trials and tribulations. If only more photographers would share the same insight into the world of photo editors and art directors.

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